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"Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" is a weekly podcast about making it big as a foreign fish in the world's biggest pond - China!

Every week from Beijing, host Brendan Davis talks with a fellow foreigner who is doing something challenging, unique or maybe even just a little bit crazy. Guests ranging from venture capitalists to standup comedians share funny stories, useful insights, and occasionally, cautionary tales about their lives in China.

The podcast aims to be invaluable for anyone considering making a similar move, plus entertaining and relatable enough to be fun for everyone to enjoy and learn from - with the ultimate goal of helping find new ways to relate to each other, regardless of where we happen to call home.




Brendan Davis was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and began his film career in the Southeast US in 1990. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 has since been a producer on many award-winning films that have premiered or played at the Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, and other top film festivals. Davis has been co-located in Beijing and Los Angeles since 2013 and has lived full-time in China since May 2016. Davis was Founder & CEO of award-winning production company Tangible Entertainment (L.A.), COO of marketing and PR firm Luthier Society, Inc. (L.A.), and Co-Founder & CEO of production consultancy Kilin International (L.A., Beijing, NZ). Between 2010 to 2016 he was a faculty member in the Producing, Film, Acting, and Cinematography programs at the New York Film Academy's academic headquarters in Los Angeles. In 2016 Davis moved to China and served a year as Chairman of Adamas Film International in Beijing and was a guest lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy.

Currently, Davis works internationally as a freelance writer, director, producer, and consultant and is an occasional on-air contributor to CGTN's "Culture Express" discussing the intersection between China and Hollywood. Most recently, Davis directed an upcoming documentary for Chinese television and is in development on his next film and TV projects.

In addition to his film efforts, Davis created, produces and hosts the popular podcast “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" and co-created "How China Works" with Yingying Li.





BEIJING, August 1, 2017  — “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom”, a podcast about “laowai” (“foreigners") doing ambitious things in China, has launched and is available in all popular podcatchers. The show features a diverse array of expats who are successfully pursuing their dreams as an outsider in a foreign land. 

Host Brendan Davis: “Since moving to Beijing I’ve met so many foreigners having a China adventure that I had to dig deeper and see what makes us all tick. Along the way, I’ve learned things that have helped me understand China beyond stereotypes and soundbites, so I wanted to share them."

The show has featured Steve Hoffman, Founder and CEO of FoundersSpace, a leading Silicon Valley tech incubator; Jesse Appell, a Fulbright Scholar from Boston who is at the forefront of the standup comedy and improv explosions in Beijing; TV host and producer Coca Xie, who is building a cultural bridge paved with a red carpet; plus venture capitalist Loren Heinold, actor Matthew Knowles, screenwriter-producer Steve Barr, and others.

Steve Hoffman (Episode #005): "From Silicon Valley to Hollywood, almost everyone wants to work with China, but when it comes to practical advice, most people don't even know where to start. Brendan Davis gives you an insider's view of China and what it takes to succeed."

Steve Barr (Episode #006): “Brendan Davis knows what he’s talking about. He’s well-connected with experienced entrepreneurs in China, and the podcast feels like conversations among talented friends rather than formal interviews. I look forward to every time a new episode shows up in my subscription."

Jesse Appell (Episode #009): "The podcast finds the coolest person you might bump into in Beijing and takes the listener in-depth into their story. Brendan Davis brings personal experience and a listening ear to the project and cares about making each episode as good as it can be."

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Each week on "Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom", host Brendan Davis talks with someone who is doing something challenging, unique or a little bit crazy in China. Guests share funny stories, useful insights, and cautionary tales about their lives in the Middle Kingdom. 

BRENDAN DAVIS was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and began his entertainment career in 1990. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has been a producer on films competing at Sundance, Toronto, Berlin and other top festivals. In 2013 Davis produced a US season of Chinese TV hit "Jia Pian You Yue" featuring Stan Lee, Justin Lin, M. Night Shyamalan, Sean Astin, and others. Davis has been co-located in Beijing and Los Angeles since 2013. He has guest lectured at the Beijing Film Academy and works as a producer and consultant with global partners. Davis created the podcast “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom” in May 2017 in an attempt to make more sense of his new home, and he co-created "How China Works" with Yingying Li to continue his journey.

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